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We have created a number of small instructional help videos to assist you in navigating the Wizetrade Community.  Each video is only a few minutes in length.  Please click on the title of the video below you wish to view.

How Do I...?  Help Videos

      Member Profile

  1. How do I... add a friend?
  2. How do I... start a conversation  with a friend or another community member?
  3. How do I... send an email to a friend?
  4. How do I... add a comment to a friends profile?
  5. How do I... view all my friends?
  6. How do I... upload a file to my profile?
  7. How do I... view a file that a Friend or another member has uploaded to their profile?

      Your Friends

  1. How do I... search for another Community member?
  2. How do I... find another member in my area?
  3. How do I... find out who is online?
  4. How do I... know that another community member has requested to be my friend?
  5. How do I... know what other friend requests I have made?
  6. How do I... cancel a pending friendship request?
  7. How do I... remove a friend from my friend's list?

      Chat Rooms

  1. How do I... know what a chat member is saying if he/she is using 'chat acronyms'?
  2. How do I... enter a chat room and start chatting?
  3. How do I... use the chat room text features?
  4. How do I... open a 'private' chat room with another member?
  5. How do I... get other members to join my 'private' chat room?
  6. How do I... talk privately or 'whisper' to another chat room member?
  7. How do I... move from chat room to chat room?
  8. How do I... save a chat in a chat room?
  9. How do I... view a members profile while in a chat room?
  10. How do I... open more than one chat room window at a time?
  11. How do I... disconnect and close a chat room window?
  12. How do I... send a message to another user while in the chat room?

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Please, do not use the email address above for sales, billing or support related questions.  Please call 800-304-8881 to connect to a billing or support representative.  Support can also be contacted through the Support tab at the top of each Community page.  Sales questions can be answered by calling 888-313-0037.

Thank you

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